Rep. Debbie Lesko: The Left Are Trying To Keep The President Off TV – 4/2/2020

On FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) discussed how the mainstream media are trying to keep President Trump off TV by not airing his daily briefings.

“President Trump is the most transparent person out there that I think of. Some of these Democrats, to criticize him during this time is just really, really disappointing. I know there’s politics in play, but it doesn’t surprise me that these liberal media outlets are not showing President Trump because they’re afraid that he might win re-election. They don’t want him to be on TV and so they have to just have all their opinion, people on there bashing him. It’s just so lopsided. It’s disgusting. This is just sickening. It’s too liberal, too biased. I agree with President Trump. I’m glad that he is most outspoken about how some of the media is so biased. It’s so fake. They are fake. They have been fake for a long time.”